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(1) Random Year - Cull Peace Silver Dollar - 1922/1923/1924/1925/1926 (P, D, S)

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(1) Random Year - Cull Peace Silver Dollar (1922-1926)

Product Highlights:
  • Approximately .7734 oz of Pure Silver.
  • Obverse: Left facing profile of Liberty with a radiate crown, similar to Roman coins.
  • Reverse: A majestic Bald eagle perched on a rock clutching an olive branch in its talons.
  • Peace Dollars are dated 1922-1926
  • Coins are in cull condition, meaning they may be cleaned, polished, worn, or damaged. 
You will receive:
  • (1) Peace Silver Dollar in Cull Condition
  • From the years 1922-1926
  • Varying mint marks
  • Coin is chosen at random
  • Stock photo is just for reference, not the actual coins you will receive.


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